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10 Magnificent Facts about Dr. S. Jaishankar

Since 2019, India’s External Affairs Minister Dr. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar (Dr. S. Jaishankar) has been a seasoned diplomat from India. With an impressive career spanning more than 30 years, he has become a well-known authority on international relations and foreign affairs.

  1. Transitioning from Economics to Foreign Policy:

Dr. Jaishankar was well-known in the field of economics before entering the diplomatic service. His work during the 1990s was crucial to the economic reforms in India, and he was director general of the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER).

2. Famed Negotiator:

Dr. Jaishankar has built a name for himself as an expert negotiator. He played a pivotal role in successfully negotiating complicated economic agreements, settling border conflicts with China, and obtaining the historic India-US civil nuclear pact.

3. Tech-Savvy Diplomat:

Dr. Jaishankar is well-known for his enthusiastic use of technology, setting him apart from many career diplomats. Twitter is only one of many social media sites where he frequently interacts with the public and offers commentary on international affairs.

4. Literary Pursuits:

Book Works: Dr. Jaishankar has written extensively on international relations and foreign policy, with works such as “The India Way: Strategies for an Uncertain World” and “Off Balance: The Making of the New Asian Order.” This includes his many other books.

5. Music Enthusiast:

Outside of his work in economics and diplomacy, Dr. Jaishankar is a music enthusiast. He loves going to concerts whenever he can and is a talented Carnatic singer.

6. Sports Fanatic:

Dr. Jaishankar is a huge sports fan, especially of badminton and cricket. While in college, he played cricket on a national level and is famous for keeping track of big matches.

7. Language Scholar:

Expert in Languages: Dr. Jaishankar speaks German, English, Hindi, and Tamil fluently. In his diplomatic encounters, this language skill has been crucial.

8. Environmental Advocate:

Concerned about the environment: Dr. Jaishankar is an outspoken supporter of green causes. When it comes to sustainable development and climate change policy, he has been instrumental in India.

9. Early Career in Foreign Service:

Dr. Jaishankar’s early career in foreign service included several important positions, including that of India’s ambassador to the US and Singapore, before he rose to the position of minister of external affairs.

10. Family of Diplomats:

Diplomatic Lineage: Kyathari Bhupal, wife of Dr. Jaishankar, served as an officer in the Indian Foreign Service. Their son, Abhishek Jaishankar, is presently the Deputy High Commissioner of India to the UK and is a diplomat in his own right.

A lot of fascinating things regarding Dr. S. Jaishankar aren’t even mentioned here. In Indian and international politics, he is an intriguing figure due to his varied background, profound intellect, and commitment to public service.



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