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3 Hacks to instantly motivate yourself

In today’s world there is dearth of people who are always motivated. It is very difficult also.

The information dumped on us daily is so huge that it keeps changing our mind and hence our motivation keeps on breaking.

A man has to remain constantly in one thought in order to remain motivated and in order to do that he has to constantly keep reminding himself to his one major goal.

Lack of major goals in life is what makes a person demotivated.

There is a condition here which most people refuse to fulfill. There cannot be two goals or three goals.

That is not even an option. There has to be only one goal which needs to be followed thoroughly.

I have been demotivated in my life several times. It is a like a weekly event for me. However, I have found that these three things often work for me.

1. Listen to a motivational videos

3 Hacks to instantly motivate yourself - The Hard News Daily

One thing that has surely helped me are the motivational videos.

Thanks to Youtube that there are numerous motivational videos on the internet which I listen to continuously and which help me get back to the right mindset.

I often listen to TED talks, Brian Tracey, Mulligan brother’s compilation videos, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale and many others and they are enough to lift my motivational spirit up.

Words do affect us in a big way. Right words effect our minds.

If you spend majority of your time looking at meaningless reels then your mind will be affected by the random information.

Our mind needs to have synchronized information to process.

Pick one speaker or one type of motivation which you think you are lacking and listen to it again and again.

It is not advisable to listen to every video on motivation on internet but pick one side of it.

Suppose you are a procrastinator then listen to videos related to procrastination only and till the time you solve that problem of yours, don’t listen to anything else.

Motivational podcasts are also another way of lifting your moods up. The more you listen to right and positive words, the more cheerful you are going to feel.

2. Go for a walk for instant motivation

3 Hacks to instantly motivate yourself - The Hard News Daily

Something happens in your body when you do some physical exercise.

Some forms of chemicals gets released which makes you more positive and motivated.

I am not a biologist to know the details of it but the moment your starts doing some physical activities chemicals like serotonin starts forming in your body which makes you more motivated.

Going for a walk also clears your mind.

It is optional whether you want to listen to something while walking like a podcast or anything it is cool too.

Sometimes it is better to not listen anything and let the thoughts flow and monitor those thoughts.

Monitor whether your thoughts are negative, positive or sexual.

Whatever your thoughts are change them accordingly.

Once you understand that that flow of your thoughts is also in your control, everything changes for you as well.

Also fix a time for walking.

Don’t just walk for few minutes for perfunctory reasons rather make a discipline that you won’t go back home till you walk for one hour or so.

It is good for your self-esteem. Once you build your self-esteem, the motivation start coming back.

Lack of self-esteem and previous visions of failures are also a great cause of lack of motivation.

3. Make a list of affirmation and read it again and again to get motivated.

3 Hacks to instantly motivate yourself - The Hard News Daily

As I already told you, the words affect you in a heavy manner.

Make a list of affirmations and keep reading it again and again.

What you read is what you become.

The more you will read the right stuff, the more you will be able to convince your mind of something.

There is too much information everywhere. Pick and choose what kind of information you want to feed your mind.

There are hundreds of websites which provides the statements of affirmations. If you can’t think of something go and find out on google.

Whether you need money or a good wife or a good relationship or a promotion, all kinds of affirmations have filled the internet.

But don’t just randomly start reading the affirmations whatever comes in front of you or you will be directionless in very less time.

Invest time and pick only those affirmations which you think you need.

So here were the three hacks I use on daily basis to motivate myself. They work for me and as much as they work for me I hope that they will also work for you.

There can be numerous articles on the internet today regarding such kinds of hacks where you can motivate yourself and most of them are copy paste material of some other posts.

What I have told you are the hacks which I have tried and have worked for me.

Try it for one month and if they work for you, let me know about your success story because I will be more than interested in knowing the success story you have.


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