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After 15 months, the WFI national camp will take place, most likely in Delhi.

After 15 months, the WFI national camp will take place, most likely in Delhi - The Hard News Daily

The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) is preparing for the senior National camp, which will take place in Delhi rather than Patiala due to the ongoing protest by farmers, after nearly 15 months.

The three top wrestlers in the nation accused WFI President Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh of sexual harassment in January 2023, sparking a controversy that hurt Indian wrestling and put the WFI-organized National camps on hold.

Following its own Nationals in Jaipur, the ad-hoc panel, which was tasked with overseeing the day-to-day operations as a result of the WFI’s suspension, had begun the training camp for men (Rohtak) and women (Patiala).

The trials to choose the national teams for the Asian Wrestling Championships in Bishkek (April 11–16) and the Continental Olympic Qualifier in the capital of Kyrgyzstan (April 19–21) were announced by the WFI after United World Wrestling (UWW) lifted its ban.

“The top four in each category will be invited to be a part of the National camp after we conduct these trials,” WFI President Sanjay Singh told PTI.

“We still haven’t decided on the locations for the camps,” the Varanasi sports official continued.

According to information obtained, the women’s camp may be held at this location, while the men’s camp will, as usual, take place in the SAI centers in Sonepat.

We are left with no other option except to select between Patiala and Delhi, including the SAI center in Lucknow. The current restrictions on travel within and outside of Punjab will make getting to Patiala a little more difficult for everyone. According to a WFI insider, “we can probably ask the government to provide the IG Stadium for the women’s camp.”


The trials will be open to the top four wrestlers from the recently ended Nationals in Pune (run by WFI) and Jaipur (run by the ad hoc panel).

Competitors who performed well but did not participate in either Nationals will also be permitted to participate.

Not only will the trials’ winners be invited, but the national camp’s finalists and semifinalists as well. The next best wrestler, and so on, will be offered that camp spot if the runner-up or wrestlers ranked three through four decline, which does occasionally occur, the source said.


Additionally, word has reached us that the WFI has chosen to hold the U15 and U20 Nationals in Noida from March 28 to 30.

Subsequently, the two semifinal winners, the finalists, and the winners will be invited to join the national camp.

(This news report is from a syndicated feed. THND team members did not write or edit the content except for the headline.)




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