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Biden Urges Morehouse Graduates to Defend Democracy Amid Gaza Crisis

During a heartfelt speech delivered at Morehouse College, President Joe Biden implored the graduating students to follow the principles of democracy, while also noting their apprehensions regarding the ongoing situation in Gaza. The address, given on Sunday, garnered prominence amidst countrywide protests against Biden’s endorsement of Israel’s response to Hamas in the aftermath of the terrorist group’s assault on October 7th.

The historically Black men’s college campus remained tranquil, with only inconspicuous, noiseless demonstrations during the ceremony. Biden acknowledged the graduates’ discontent with the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza and reassured them that he was actively pursuing a cessation of hostilities and the liberation of captives. “This is a highly challenging and intricately complex problem on a global scale.” “I am aware that it incites anger and frustration among a significant number of individuals,” he declared. “Due to the dire circumstances in Gaza, I have urgently requested a cessation of hostilities,” he stated, eliciting cheers.

The commencement ceremony underscored a clear generational rift, as older alumni enthusiastically expressed their support for the president, while current grads predominantly maintained a reserved demeanor, either remaining silent or offering polite applause. Several students donned keffiyehs as a sign of unity with the Palestinian cause, while a small number expressed their dissent by turning their backs in silence. Biden expressed his approval when the valedictorian advocated for a lasting cessation of hostilities.

Biden emphasized the challenges of leadership, acknowledging that the conflict had resulted in frustration and anger among his own family members. He implored the graduates to persevere in their support of democracy, notwithstanding the obstacles. “Leadership can be challenging and isolating,” he stated, emphasizing the significance of fortitude and dedication to democratic principles.

The ongoing protests on college campuses against U.S. support for Israel’s conduct have made Biden’s speech at Morehouse an important opportunity to engage with young Americans and acknowledge their concerns. The president’s appeal for unity and steadfastness in safeguarding democracy struck a chord, notwithstanding the palpable tensions and divergent viewpoints within the crowd.

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