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Abhishek Kapoor Discusses Sushant Singh’s Challenges on ‘Kedarnath’ Set, Describes Actor’s Feelings of Isolation and Helplessness

It was recently disclosed by filmmaker Abhishek Kapoor that Sushant Singh Rajput was ‘disturbed’ while filming ‘Kedarnath’. He went on to recall SSR’s commitment to his craft, emphasizing how he would film in subzero temperatures, encouraging co-star Sara Ali Khan to follow suit.

Abhishek spoke candidly about his tight relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput and his original intentions to cast him in “Fitoor” in an interview with Siddharth Kanan. But Sushant’s project never got off the ground, and he ended up getting cast in “Kedarnath” instead.Abhishek reflected on the difficult circumstances of Sara and Sushant’s first schedule together for “Kedarnath,” especially one sequence they had to film on a chilly, rainy night. Sara was motivated to emulate Sushant’s unwavering commitment despite his discomforting demeanor.

Abhishek Kapoor Discusses Sushant Singh's Challenges on 'Kedarnath' Set, Describes Actor's Feelings of Isolation and Helplessness - The Hard News Daily

Sushant led by example by assuming the lead. Sara was inspired to go first after seeing him do it. She saw that he was determined, and she decided that she could succeed too. She was motivated by this to rise to the occasion and meet the challenge with him.

Abhishek clarified that Sushant appeared to be going through a difficult moment at that time. Despite his extraordinary fortitude on the mental and physical levels, he gave off the impression of being lost and alone.

The director thought it was important to discuss the responses and fallout after Sushant Singh Rajput’s passing. He was pleased that the matter had come to light, particularly in light of the current climate and the obvious manipulation taking place in the sector via a variety of techniques.


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