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Exclusive: Putin Ready for Ceasefire Along Current Frontlines in Ukraine Amid Western Resistance and Kyiv’s Rejection

According to reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to bring an end to the conflict in Ukraine by agreeing to a ceasefire that acknowledges the existing front lines. Four Russian sources, who spoke to Reuters, have revealed that Putin is frustrated with what he sees as Western-supported efforts to obstruct negotiations and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s refusal to engage in talks.

A senior Russian source, well-informed about high-level discussions in the Kremlin, indicated that Putin is prepared to engage in combat for an indefinite period, but is also willing to agree to a truce in order to halt the ongoing conflict. The anonymous sources highlighted that Putin is ready to prolong the conflict if Kyiv and the West do not react favorably to his suggestion.

Dmitry Peskov, the spokesperson for President Putin, restated that Russia is willing to engage in discussion, emphasizing that the government does not desire a prolonged conflict. Nevertheless, the foreign and defense ministries of Ukraine have refrained from providing any comments regarding the possible ceasefire. Some Western experts have taken the recent choice of economist Andrei Belousov as Russia’s defense minister as a sign that Russia is preparing for a long-lasting struggle. However, sources indicate that Putin would rather use the current advantages to bring the war to a close.

According to sources, Putin believes that the geographical gains made thus far are enough to be presented as a triumph to the Russian population. The greatest combat conflict in Europe since World War Two has led to tens of thousands of casualties on both sides and imposed significant economic penalties on Russia.

Although there is a possibility of a ceasefire, the likelihood of peace negotiations occurring is remote. Zelenskiy has always rejected any peace agreement based on Putin’s conditions, emphasizing the need to regain the previously occupied territories, including as Crimea. In 2022, Zelenskiy signed a decree that officially classified negotiations with Putin as “impossible.”

Ukraine is making preparations for discussions in Switzerland next month with the goal of consolidating global consensus on putting an end to the war. However, Russia has not been extended an invitation to participate. Moscow has denounced the negotiations as lacking credibility in the absence of its involvement. Putin has expressed doubt over the Swiss talks, indicating that they may be utilized to strengthen Zelenskiy’s insistence on a full Russian retreat.

Both Russia and Ukraine are concerned that any truce could be utilized by the opposing side to replenish their military resources, so exacerbating the situation. The prolonged battle has also resulted in notable domestic difficulties for Putin, notably a decline in popularity subsequent to the initial mass mobilization in September 2022.

If a ceasefire were to be established along the existing frontlines, Russia would have major influence over four Ukrainian areas, but it would not have absolute control over any of them. This deal would not fully meet Moscow’s original objectives, but it may be interpreted as a deliberate temporary halt by Putin, who is eager to prevent another mobilization.

As the conflict continues, the reintegration of experienced and toughened soldiers into Russia, who are unhappy with the opportunities available after the war, creates further social tensions. Putin’s strategic patience relies on utilizing Russia’s demographic advantage and economic incentives to maintain military operations until a more advantageous outcome can be attained.

To summarize, although Putin has indicated willingness to agree to a ceasefire, there are still major obstacles to overcome. Both parties are firmly holding onto their positions, and the course of the conflict is being influenced by international factors.

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