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How Modi wins elections every time?

It has always been puzzling for me to know that how Modi wins election every time.

A photo of Modi is surrounding the internet where he is sitting near the feet of Advani.

How Modi wins elections every time? - The Hard News Daily

The photo is said to be around of 1995-96 and 6 years later he was sitting as the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

He won every election in Gujarat since and then every Lok Sabha election later.

What is his strategy and why does he Modi wins elections every time?

I had been always interested in knowing about the success strategy of people and I really wanted to know about the Modi’s election strategy.

To find out the secret I had to see hundreds of interviews of Modi and the people who talked about him.

I got to know few secrets. Here are some of them –

1. Brahmacharya

How Modi wins elections every time? - The Hard News Daily

One thing which prominently came during my research was the practice of brahmacharya. It is written in Indian Vedic texts that the person who keeps Brahmachrya for more than 12 years develops a higher level of mind and is capable of achieving anything in life. It develops one’s will power and self-esteem. He who keeps Brahmacharya cannot be defeated.

Modi left his home and his newly married life very early and started living a lie of a monk. He continues to do so. Some say that it is his power of Brahmacharya which brings shine on his face and such steadiness in his character.

Sounds mystic but it is true when you know that people like Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla and Leonardo Da Vinci were also the people who practiced Brahmacharya in order to develop the faculties of one’s mind.

2. Chanakya Neeti

How Modi wins elections every time? - The Hard News Daily

The world is divided in to people who know Chanakya and then people who don’t know anything about Chanakya. For westerners, Chanakya is equivalent of Machiavelli, an Italian diplomat, historian, author and philosopher who lived during the Italian Renaissance

Advices of Chanakya which mostly comes from his ever famous book “Arthashashtra” might sound unethical and immoral at first but are prudent at its best.

 How Modi wins elections every time? - The Hard News Daily

The people who wants to run a government and wants to enter the politics must read Chanakya to know how to deal with people and power and how to efficiently run a government.

Most of the time when I see Modi taking some kind of decision, it appears to me that he is taking hints from the advices of Chanakya and they always coincide.

The way he deals with opposition and fools them into diverting them in to a topic thorugh which he wants to divert them is simply nothing but Chanakya Neeti.

There is no doubt in my mind that Modi is a lifelong follower of Chanakya’s advice.

3. Focus on positive.

Modi always talks about the positive things about the country. He never seems to be demotivated.

Even after the disastrous results of 2024 elections, he seemed to have been disappointed but then immediately controlled himself and came back to appear as powerful as he was in previous terms.

The power to remain positive despite obstacles is one of the most important traits which is found in the people who are highly successful in life.

4. Keeping good people around him.

The cabinet of Modi is full of people who are highly efficient. That is how he is able to get good results. As much as I have seen I don’t think there is friendship between Gadkari and Modi in real life but they Modi keeps Gadkari in his cabinet because he knows that he is highly efficient.

Some people may argue that Modi keeps Gadkari around because first he is very influential in RSS and second, he is a highly popular leader in Maharashtra. But then same cannot be said about Keshubhai Patel and Pravin Togadia, who are were once more popular than Modi but then went against Modi and vanished from the public platforms.

People who mess with Modi are never forgiven by him and that is also one trait about him which I noticed. But Modi never takes revenge from people the same day. He would take his time, find the right moment and then hit on them.

Jaishankar, Hardeep Puri, Ashwini Vaishnav are another example of good people Modi keeps around. A man cannot do everything on his own so he needs to keep good people around him which also enhances his own character.

5. Not worrying about criticism.

Modi doesn’t care about criticism. You will rarely find any leader who has been insulted as much as Modi. The opposition tries all sorts of things on him but he doesn’t care about it. It was not like that always.

There was a time when he would get angry and reply back in anger. There are several interviews of Modi of before he became CM and during his tenure as a CM when one could see the anger in his tone and eyes. But he has controlled it over time.

He doesn’t waste time in getting angry and worrying about the opinions of those who try to criticize him. He knows that since he is not doing anything wrong so he doesn’t has to worry about them.

The world is now coming at his feet and he has made India a powerful nation. There is enough evidence in front of him of his good work now to worry about petite criticism of the opposition.

6. Keeping higher goal in mind.

Modi doesn’t care about trifle goals. He has higher goals in mind like serving nation and making India a better place. When you have an extremely high and ambitious goal in front of you then nothing matters to you.

He divides his higher goal into smaller goals but since his first goals is so high and he is highly focused about it, so he doesn’t even care about the small obstacles that comes his way.

Also his higher goal I not self-serving and selfish in nature as a selfish goal might wane out with time, but a goal kept for higher purpose cannot wane as it comes with a responsibility.

If you have higher goals in life then small trifles wouldn’t matter to you.

7. Aggressive mindset.

Modi has an aggressive mindset which is often found in animals who hunt other animals. I do not mean the animals who kill other animals for survival but what I mean is the attitude to go after one’s goals fearlessly.

He is ready to bend the little bit to reach to his goals and is not too strict in ways in which he wants to achieve his goals.

8. Understanding of politics.

Modi has a thorough understanding of the politics and knows the ins and outs of the politics. A trait which one can easily get by reading a number of books.

He is a lifelong learner and an avid book reader which makes him understand the people’s behavior in advance and anticipate their next move to know what steps he as to take.

9. Discipline

How Modi wins elections every time? - The Hard News Daily

I still remember the day when the project of Chandrayan failed. Modi was present during the night, then he went for two hours to rest and came back early in the morning. You would think that he would take rest again after that since he hadn’t taken a night’s sleep, but then an hour later he was seen in Mumbai in a rally and he did those rallies whole day.

He is extremely disciplined and hard working. You can know about his love for discipline from his clothes and how well dressed he is all the time. He keeps goals for himself and then keeps attaining those goals in life.

These are few generic observations I have about the Indian Prime Minister. I am researching more to know more about his personality by watching his videos and speeches as the books written about him talks more about his politics than about his persona which I find more interesting than his politics.




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