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Jeremy Hunt Proposes Vape Tax Increase, Potentially Raising E-Cig Prices by £3; Critics Decry Measure as ‘Scientifically and Economically Unsound’


Under Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s 2017 Budget, vapes would be subject to severe new levies that could result in a £3 increase in the cost of the strongest e-cigarette juice.

The Financial Times was able to get suggestions that would impose a £1 per 10ml tax on non-nicotine vaping liquid.

A charge of £2 per 10ml will be applied to liquid with a nicotine level of less than one cigarette, usually between 10 and 12 mg.

The levy on substances harsher than cigarettes is £3 per 10ml.

When it comes to e-cigarette juice, the strongest vapes could cost up to £3 more than the 10ml maximum allowed amount.

The plans were branded as “scientifically and economically illiterate” by detractors.

The vape tax proposed by Mr. Hunt is not going to be implemented right away; instead, it is anticipated to be introduced in 2026 after consultation.

This would place the measure’s implementation under the control of the incoming government, following the next election.

The Institute of Economic Affairs referred to the announcement made by Christopher Snowdon, head of lifestyle economics at the free market think tank, as a “deeply cynical cash grab.”

This tax is a saint tax—forget sin taxes. Vapers gave ceased smoking in accordance with official directives. Now they’re paying the price for it,’ he declared.

This is ignorant of both science and economics. It appears that the government is determined to keep people smoking when combined with the prohibition on disposable vapes.

The levy will not only make vapes and cigarettes more affordable, but it will also convey to the general public that the risks to health are comparable.

“The Government’s reckless greed will cost lives because the majority of people in Britain already mistakenly believe that vaping is at least as dangerous as smoking.”

“Mr. Hunt ought to feel embarrassed as a former health minister.”

According to a recent survey, 60% of smokers believe vapes are more dangerous than cigarettes. Mr. Snowden was making reference to this finding.

Even though Mr. Hunt increased the cost of cigarettes to ensure that vaping isn’t more expensive than smoking, there are already concerns that fewer Britons will make the move.

It has long been known that traditional smoking, which involves burning tobacco, can lead to a number of health issues.

These include having several cancers, having an elevated risk of heart attacks and strokes, and having respiratory problems.

Despite the lack of clarity surrounding the long-term health effects of vaping, almost all experts concur that it is safer than traditional smoking.

With e-cigarettes, users can inhale nicotine vapour, which is created by heating a liquid.

They are not made of tobacco like regular cigarettes are, nor do they release carbon or tar, two of the most harmful substances.

Although vaping is generally thought to be safer than smoking, its long-term implications are still unknown.

Medical professionals are concerned that those who started smoking at a young age may see an increase in lung illness, dental problems, and perhaps cancer in the ensuing decades.

Many ex-smokers use vapes as a smoking cessation aid since they may receive their nicotine fix without suffering the negative health effects of smoking.

Approximately 76,000 individuals in the UK pass away from illnesses linked to smoking each year.

According to estimates from the government, smoking costs the economy £17 billion annually in lost productivity and indirect costs to the NHS.

Health experts have applauded additional government-proposed anti-vaping measures aimed at preventing children from developing the habit of vaping.

One of these is the outlawing of disposable vaporizers, which are the preferred tool of teen vapers.

PM Rishi Sunak’s ambitious plans also call for e-cigarettes to be offered in simple tobacco-style packaging, limited to a few flavors, and kept out of children’s reach.

Jeremy Hunt Proposes Vape Tax Increase, Potentially Raising E-Cig Prices by £3; Critics Decry Measure as 'Scientifically and Economically Unsound' -  The Hard News Daily

Jeremy Hunt Proposes Vape Tax Increase, Potentially Raising E-Cig Prices by £3; Critics Decry Measure as 'Scientifically and Economically Unsound' -  The Hard News Daily

According to new data released this week, 10% of Estonians now vape frequently each month, solidifying the country’s status as the global leader in e-cigarettes. Only four nations rate better than the United Kingdom, according to a report released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), a conference of 37 nations with market-based economies that was established in 1961.

That will signal the end of the sly packaging that turns vapes into highlighter pens and bubblegum “clouds.”

New ‘on the spot’ fines will be implemented for retailers who sell vape pens to minors without authorization.

Startling statistics reveal that 25% of today’s kids have experimented with smoking the nicotine-filled devices are strewn around the nation’s retail establishments.

Worse, 10 percent are now frequent users, raising concerns about a potential health crisis in light of the lack of clarity regarding e-cigarettes’ long-term safety.

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