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Judge Denies Alec Baldwin’s Request to Dismiss Manslaughter Charge in ‘Rust’ Shooting, Trial Set for July 10

An involuntary manslaughter allegation against Alec Baldwin, relating to the killing of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the film “Rust” in 2021, has been denied by a judge in New Mexico.

The ruling clears the path for an extraordinary legal proceeding against a Hollywood actor for a fatality that occurred during filming, due to commence on July 10th.

During the May 17 hearing, Baldwin’s legal representatives contended that the grand jury indictment was fraudulent.

They asserted that the state prosecutor neglected to inform the jurors about their ability to interrogate defense witnesses and concealed facts that could have been advantageous to Baldwin.

Nevertheless, District Court Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer dismissed this argument in a legal document, so upholding the charge.

The event transpired when Baldwin aimed a firearm at Hutchins while arranging a camera shot in close proximity to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Hutchins was severely wounded by a live round discharged from a reproduction Colt Single Action Army revolver.

Baldwin has repeatedly asserted that he did not initiate the firing mechanism, which is a key argument in his defense.

Hannah Gutierrez, the armorer for the film “Rust,” was convicted of involuntary manslaughter by a Santa Fe jury in April.

She was subsequently sentenced to 18 months in jail for negligently placing a live cartridge into the handgun that Alec Baldwin was using during a rehearsal.

Historian Alan Rode states that this tragic incident is the only instance of a fatal shooting on a film set with a real bullet being mistaken for a prop or blank round since the silent period of Hollywood.

Traditionally, Hollywood on-set shootings have been settled through legal proceedings in civil courts.

Prior to this incident, the most prominent occurrence was the tragic death of Brandon Lee in 1993.

He was fatally injured when a blank round dislodged a bullet that was trapped in the barrel of a pistol during the production of the film “The Crow.”

The impending trial of Alec Baldwin is anticipated to attract considerable scrutiny, as it brings to the forefront concerns regarding safety and accountability within the film industry.

With the trial date drawing near, the case continues to get extensive media attention and public fascination, highlighting the devastating aftermath of the “Rust” massacre and its influence on the entertainment industry.

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