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‘My Dearest’ co-star Namgoong Min and Ahn Eun Jin address dating allegations

Rumors have been circulating that the famous drama ‘My Dearest’ onscreen couple, Ahn Eun Jin and Namgoong Min, are actually dating outside of the show. Ahn Eun Jin addressed these claims and put the record straight recently in an interview.
Discussions over a potential season two of “My Dearest” have been sparked by the show’s meteoric rise to fame.Nevertheless, Ahn Eun Jin felt compelled to set the record straight after hearing some speculations regarding the relationship between Namgoong Min and herself.
Ahn Eun Jin addressed the dating rumors and her shock at being included in YouTube fake news videos during a recent interview with This Week’s News. Despite Namgoong Min’s marital status, these films made it seem as though she and Namgoong Min were romantically linked.
Optimistic and believable in her performance, Ahn Eun Jin blamed the accusations on the chemistry she had onscreen with Namgoong Min. The fact that Ahn Eun Jin’s mom believed the stories and started interrogating her daughter about the supposed romance is interesting in and of itself.
Oh my gosh, Ahn Eun Jin is totally obsessed with “smoke without fire.” Her memory took her back to when she was a moviegoer and thought that if two actors had such strong connection onscreen, they must be dating offscreen. But now that she’s an actor, she just accepts it as part of the business. Relationships that develop onscreen don’t necessarily continue outside of the spotlight, as Ahn Eun Jin pointed out. Upon inquiry, she has learned that there have been times where her co-stars were not romantically involved, despite her suspicions to the contrary. She pleaded with the audience to realize that actors are just professionals carrying out their duties.
The protagonist of “My Dearest,” played by Namgoong Min, is a guy named Lee Jang Hyun who has sworn off marriage due to a tragic secret. Intertwined lives of Jang Hyun and Yoo Gil Chae, played by Ahn Eun Jin, play out against the backdrop of the Qing invasion in this drama. On November 18, 2023, the second part of the series came to a close.




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