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Rajinikanth Dominates in Police Avatar for ‘Vettaiyan’ – Behind-the-Scenes Video Ignites Internet Frenzy

Rajinikanth Dominates in Police Avatar for 'Vettaiyan' - Behind-the-Scenes Video Ignites Internet Frenzy- The Hard News Daily

Fans are raving about Rajinikanth’s forthcoming film Vettaiyan because he is bringing his legendary flair to the character of the police officer. Rajinikanth, who has continued to play the part of the police officer on screen, is back in action and wearing the police uniform once more. The film, which is being directed by TJ Gnanavel, has been keeping Rajinikanth on the go due to the fact that it is being shot in several locations around the country. Fans have been experiencing a surge of enthusiasm as a result of a video that was recently released showing the actor on the set in Hyderabad. A short while ago, Rajinikanth, who is known by his nickname Thalaivar, traveled from Chennai to Hyderabad in order to resume filming for the film Vettaiyan, in which he also stars with Fahadh Faasil. Rajinikanth’s presence on set in the video that went viral elicited ecstatic yells from his fans as he greeted them. He was dressed in what appears to be his character’s police outfit, which is a hint to his depiction of a retired officer who takes on the system in the film Vettaiyan.


It is not the first time that photographs and films taken on the set of the film have been uploaded to the computer and shared on the internet. Earlier, a picture that showed Rajinikanth getting ready for a scene while wearing the characteristic clothing that his character wears, including his signature glasses, went popular on the internet. The teaser trailer for the film Vettaiyan was released earlier, providing a tantalizing look into the world of the film. However, rumors regarding Rajinikanth’s character continue to circulate. In a promotional video, he can be seen reading a book that is embellished with a picture of Subhas Chandra Bose while holding a wooden stick. This has led to conjecture about his role, possibly as a college professor.

Following the success of Vettaiyan, Rajinikanth is going to collaborate with Lokesh Kanagaraj on the upcoming film Thalaivar 171, which will keep fans eagerly anticipating his next artistic endeavor.



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