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Reva, daughter of Ghazal maestro Pankaj Udhas, weeps during the funeral in Mumbai of the vocalist.

Monday marked the passing of legendary ghazal vocalist Pankaj Udhas, who had been battling pancreatic cancer. His passing has been mourned by the music industry.

As the funeral arrangements for the singer in Worli, Mumbai, progress, poignant images surface depicting Reva Udhas, his daughter, sobbing uncontrollably upon her arrival to say her father’s final departure.

Reva is observed entering the building in an emotive Instagram video while overcome with grief and with tears streaming down her face.The poignant moment symbolizes the profound repercussions that Pankaj Udhas’s passing had on his family, friends, and the music community as a whole.

Worli, Mumbai, is where a number of Bollywood celebrities have congregated to pay their respects to the legendary singer Pankaj Udhas at approximately 3 p.m. on the day of his funeral.

The seasoned musician, renowned for his emotive ghazals, made an indelible impact on the realm of music.

Nayaab Udhas, the daughter of Padmashri Pankaj Udhas, tragically announced his passing on Instagram on Monday. She wrote, “We regret to inform you that Padmashri Pankaj Udhas passed away on February 26, 2024, after a protracted illness.” The declaration elicited condolences from both followers and Bollywood personalities.

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