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Sumit Nagal’s hard effort comes off: 900 euros in account to enormous Australian Open 2024 payoff.

Sumit Nagal's hard effort comes off: 900 euros in account to enormous Australian Open 2024 payoff. - The Hard News Daily

After winning the Australian Open 2024, the top-ranked men’s singles player from India, Sumit Nagal, reflected on his recent troubles. This young player made history at the Australian Open by defeating a seeded opponent for the first time since 1989.

In a historic match, Nagal advanced to the second round of the Australian Open by crushing 27th-ranked Alexander Bublik. In 1989, at the Australian Open, Ramesh Krishnan beat Mats Wilander before Nagal. In a battle that lasted two hours and forty-eight minutes, Nagal triumphed over Bublik 6-4, 6-2, 7-6, and the Indian team was filled with joy.

In September 2023, the top-ranked tennis player from India shocked everyone by admitting that, after paying all of the bills associated with his sport, he had just Rs 80,000 left in his bank account. Not only did Nagal’s success guarantee a windfall at the office, but it is also likely to bring in more sponsorship opportunities for the athlete.

Last year was Nagal’s finest as an athlete, and he was overjoyed with his growth. At the end of 2023, he was ranked 130th in the world.

Being an athlete will put you through these kinds of situations. An excellent year and a terrible one are both possible. While relying on wild cards and starting the year with barely 900 euros, Nagal finished inside the top 130 last year, making it one of his greatest years, he told the broadcasters.

Despite not being granted a wildcard admission, Nagal persevered through the Australian Open qualifying stages and eventually made it to the main tournament. He qualified for the Australian Open with a three-match winning streak. Nagal has now advanced past the first round of a Grand Slam tournament twice. After beating Bradley Klahn 6-1, 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 at the 2020 US Open, Nagal went on to lose in the second round to Dominic Theim.

The victory over Bublik still hadn’t fully registered with the 26-year-old, he said. Still, he felt a sense of accomplishment at having advanced to the second round.

I mean, I’m not exactly shedding tears over this, but it still hasn’t entirely hit me. Considering my initial situation, I was quite pleased with my ability to earn a second opportunity at this tournament, qualify, and go to the second round. For Nagal, “it’s a good feeling,” he told the press.

On Thursday, January 18, Nagal of India will face Shang Juncheng of China in the following round.






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