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Teen Cancer Survivor Shares Revelation of Severity After Radiographer Tears Up During Scan


A teenage cancer survivor unintentionally discovered her dreadful diagnosis when a radiographer, overcome with emotion, shed tears during a scan.

Later that day, Molly Cuddihy, who was 15 years old at the time, received the news that she had a rare type of bone cancer.

Medical professionals expedited the admission of the currently 21-year-old individual to commence chemotherapy in the following week.

Reflecting on her diagnosis, Miss Cuddihy, hailing from Inverclyde in Scotland, recounted: ‘The individual conducting my scan became emotional and shed tears.’

‘If that was not an unmistakable indication, then I am uncertain of what else could be.’

Teen Cancer Survivor Shares Revelation of Severity After Radiographer Tears Up During Scan - The Hard News Daily
Molly Cuddihy, 21, didn’t realise how ill she was until her radiographer started crying half way through a scan, while looking at the result
Teen Cancer Survivor Shares Revelation of Severity After Radiographer Tears Up During Scan - The Hard News Daily
The maths student, pictured with Gary Barlow at a Teenage Cancer Trust concert in the Royal Albert Hall, knew something was not right for about six months before she was told she had metastatic Ewing sarcoma on January 16, 2018

Miss Cuddihy is currently free from any visible symptoms or indications of her Ewing sarcoma, the illness she was diagnosed with in January 2018.

She received the news when she was getting ready for her tests.

She had intended to pursue a career in medicine, but she remembers that opportunity being abruptly revoked.

Miss Cuddihy, on her encounters with Radio Therapy, a recently launched podcast targeting young individuals and addressing challenging topics including mental health, body image, and mortality, expressed, “All of that was abruptly stripped away from me in under a minute.”

‘Everything disintegrates.’

‘It has a pervasive influence on several aspects of your life.’

‘It encompasses far more than a mere cancer diagnosis.’

Teen Cancer Survivor Shares Revelation of Severity After Radiographer Tears Up During Scan - The Hard News Daily
In the podcast she recalled being ‘fine’ until she had a stem cell transplant in 2020 and ‘totally broke down’. She explained she had struggled for a long time and wishes there was more support available six years ago


Ewing sarcoma is a type of cancer that primarily affects the bones or soft tissues.

Ewing sarcoma is a form of primary bone cancer, often known as bone sarcoma.

This is an uncommon form of cancer that arises in the connective tissues, encompassing the bones, cartilage, tendons, fat, and muscle.

This cancer primarily affects the pelvis, thigh, shin, ribs, and shoulder blades.

Ewing sarcoma primarily affects individuals in the adolescent and young adult age group, although it can occur in individuals of other age groups as well. It exhibits a somewhat higher prevalence in males compared to females.

Discomfort is the prevailing symptom. The cancer may also induce local edema, resulting in tenderness upon palpation.

Primary bone cancer may be detected following a bone fracture resulting from a small fall or accident. This is due to the cancer’s debilitating effect on it.

Cancer Research UK reports an estimated annual incidence of approximately 550 cases of Ewing sarcoma in the UK.

Adolescents are most commonly afflicted by the uncommon form of bone cancer, which can lead to inflammation and discomfort in the vicinity of the impacted bone.

According to Macmillan, it occurs in the connective tissues, such as bones, cartilage, tendons, fat, and muscle.

Miss Cuddihy, who has now finished her medical treatment, was left with irreversible liver damage and requires a kidney transplant.

According to her, she claimed to be in good health until she received a stem cell transplant in 2020, which is a procedure used to replace bone marrow that has been damaged by chemotherapy. However, after the operation, she experienced a complete emotional breakdown.

She expressed that she had faced significant challenges for an extended period and desires that there had been greater assistance accessible six years ago.

In addition, she acknowledged experiencing persistent insomnia and recurring flashbacks.

Miss Cuddihy informed BBC Scotland News that there are statements she made on the podcast that they have never previously heard her utter, and they have experienced such statements with her.

‘It is akin to divulging a confidential piece of information to others.’

During her chemotherapy treatment, Ms. Cuddihy also had alarming shivering that were associated with an illness she developed while in the hospital.

In 2021, she recounted her traumatic experience while testifying in front of the Scottish Hospitals Inquiry.

Additionally, other individuals in their youth have discussed mental health on the program, such as Mairi MacLean, who is presently undergoing her sixth treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the age of 24.

She stated that the idea of ‘body neutrality’ played a significant role in altering her perception of her physical appearance.

She said that it is about achieving a state of tranquility with one’s body, without using energy on either liking or loathing it.

‘It is an entity that is exerting significant effort to endure each day, regardless of whether one is afflicted with an ailment or not, and that is undeniably extraordinary.’

‘Although my body will experience fluctuations and transformations repeatedly, I find solace in accepting this reality, since I deeply appreciate its resilience and determination.’

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