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Who is Rajat Dalal : Updates on Elvish Yadav and Maxtern Conflict

Popular powerlifter and fitness blogger Rajat Dalal has been in the news lately for his contentious behavior. Dalal, who is well-known for his extreme workout videos, has drawn notice for his vigilante-style actions and altercations with those he believes to be wrongdoers or imposters.

The Rajat Dalal’s Incident of the Fake Baba 

Dalal met three people in November of last year who had broken into his Delhi residence dressed as Hindu holy men, or “fake babas.” Dalal decided to take issues into his own hands because he thought they were malicious. While live-broadcasting the incident on Instagram, he locked up the men, smacked them, held them captive, and even stripped them.

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In the widely shared films, Dalal is seen questioning the men and insisting that they perform Hindu prayers to validate their identity. He got angry when they didn’t work, hammering them and making them slap each other. Dalal charged them with intentional trespassing and asserted that their identity cards were phony.

Conflicts with Other Influencers

Dalal has always been confrontational; this episode is not the first one. He got into a heated argument with influencer and fellow powerlifter Sourav Kumar Singh (Singha) in January. Dalal reportedly showed up at Singh’s gym in Dehradun with a bunch of men after Singh made obscene statements about him, prompting Singh to leave.

The Role of Rajat Dalal : Updates on Elvish Yadav and Maxtern Conflict - The Hard News Daily

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Update on Elvish Yadav versus Maxim story

Dalal intervened in the well-known dispute between YouTubers Elvish Yadav and Maxtern. This can be seen as another instance of Dalal playing the vigilante role; in a previous video, Rajat had stated that he thought Maxtern was playing the victim card because he had a camera setup. A day after Yadav assaulted Maxtern on camera, Dalal went live on Instagram with Maxtern, sharing the clip and declaring that the parties involved, along with Maxtern’s family, would sort out the matter together.


A Chronicle of Vigilance of Rajat Dalal

Although Dalal frequently disregards the law and property, unconfirmed sources suggest that he has ties to judges and lawyers in his family. This could account for the lack of legal action against Dalal. He has a history of acting as a self-appointed vigilante, breaking traffic laws, damaging property, and documenting the events on Instagram.

There are concerns on where to draw the line between defending justice and enforcing one’s own laws as Dalal’s influence and contentious acts continue to draw attention.

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