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American Bully Dog Attacks Delhi Girl, 7, Injuring Over 15

American Bully Dog Attacks Delhi Girl, 7, Injuring Over 15 - The Hard News Daily
American Bully Dog Attacks Delhi Girl, 7, Injuring Over 15 – The Hard News Daily

While the girl and her pals were playing, an American Bully dog barged in and attacked.

New Delhi:

Authorities in Rohini’s Sector-25 region reported on Tuesday that a seven-year-old girl sustained more than fifteen injuries in what they described as an attack by a neighbor’s dog.

According to reports, the incident took place on January 9th, when the girl was playing with her pals in her housing society when an American Bully dog allegedly attacked her. A number of community members voiced their disapproval of the dog problem in their neighborhood.

According to the girl’s father, who spoke to the news agency PTI, his daughter suffered life-threatening wounds to her hand, back, leg, and area around her eyes.

My seven-year-old daughter was out playing with her pals at about five o’clock in the afternoon on January 9. Shrikant Bhagat informed PTI over the phone that his neighbor’s American Bully dog had unexpectedly attacked her.

“I thank god that she fought back and started screaming, due to which we reached the spot on time and were able to save her life,” added Mr. Bhagat.

His word is that her daughter is in a state of trauma and has been up for three days straight with no sleep.

“Since the dog owner is adamant, we have decided to register a FIR against him as his pet was not on a leash,” Mr. Bhagat, who operates a tutoring centre in Mukherjee Nagar, said.

He went on to say that in order to help their daughter cope with the horrific event, they had decided to take a holiday.

The victim’s community members, meanwhile, staged a torch march to draw attention to the dog problem in their neighborhood.

Some of the protesters’ slogans included “dog feeding band karo” (don’t feed stray dogs), and “dog lovers saavdhaan, khatron me hai bachchon ki jaan” (dog lovers, be careful, children’s lives are at stake).

We have no problem with people having pets or feeding dogs. A demonstrator argued that pet owners should be aware of the risks that these animals pose to children.

Section 289 of the Indian Penal Code deals with negligent behavior towards animals, while section 337 addresses the offender’s responsibility for harming another person by reckless or careless actions that put their lives or the lives of others in jeopardy. A case has been filed under both sections.

“We are now looking into the situation. A senior police officer stated that the accused will be summoned to participate in the inquiry.




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