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Chinese Premier to Hold Rare Summit with U.S.-Allied South Korea, Japan

SEOUL, May 27  – Chinese Premier Li Qiang, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol, and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida are scheduled to convene an infrequent trilateral summit in Seoul. This signifies the initial occurrence of such a gathering in a span of four years, with the objective of revitalizing discussions on commerce and security that have been impeded by worldwide tensions.

The summit will encompass six key domains: economy, trade, science and technology, people-to-people interactions, health, and the aging population.

This assembly is perceived as a pivotal measure in alleviating the tense relations among these three states.

The summit takes place after individual bilateral meetings. Li and Yoon have mutually decided to recommence diplomatic and security consultations, along with engaging in discussions regarding free trade.

Kishida and Li engaged in a conversation over Taiwan and reached an agreement to convene a fresh session of high-level economic dialogue. Yoon called on China to actively contribute to resolving the issue of North Korea’s growing nuclear weapons and missile stockpile.

US, Japan, and South Korea authorities have demanded the postponement of North Korea’s planned rocket launch, which involves a space satellite.

They argue that this action violates UN resolutions.

The trilateral meeting serves as a strategic maneuver for these nations to address increasing mistrust in light of the rivalry between the United States and China, as well as issues surrounding Taiwan.

Although there is uncertainty over significant announcements, the leaders are optimistic that this summit will contribute to the revitalization and enhancement of their diplomatic and economic relations.

As these negotiations progress, the international world closely observes, recognizing the substantial consequences for regional and global stability.

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