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Everything you want to know about Yemen’s involvement of war in the history

US and UK have launched a war against Yemen, in extension to the Israel- Palestine war.

Yemen has a complicated history of wars. Yemen has been involved in several major wars:

1962–1970 North Yemen Civil War:

After a coup against Imamate control in North Yemen, republican and royalist factions fought for power.
Saudi Arabia and Jordan backed royalists, while Egypt supported republicans.
Northern Yemen became the Yemen Arab Republic in 1970, ending the war.

South Yemen Civil War (1986):

People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen (South Yemen) had internal struggle between Yemeni Socialist Party groups.
A reunion attempt with North Yemen followed the southern president’s defeat.
Yemeni Unification (1990):

On May 22, 1990, North and South Yemen became the Republic of Yemen.
Internal economic and political conflicts hampered union.

Yemeni Civil War (1994):

Increasing tensions between northern and southern factions led to a brief but violent civil war in 1994.
Southern armies were defeated, strengthening the northern administration.
From 2004 to present: Houthi Insurgency

In the northern Saada Governorate, Zaidi Shia rebels called the Houthi movement rose out against the Yemeni government.
Many rounds of violence between Houthi rebels and government forces occurred over the years.

Arab Spring (2011):

Yemen saw protests against President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s three-decade rule inspired by the Arab Spring.
A transition plan mediated by the GCC led to Saleh’s resignation and the election of his deputy, Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

2014–present: Houthi Takeover and Saudi-led Intervention

Houthi rebels stormed Sanaa in 2014 and forced President Hadi to flee to Saudi Arabia.
To fight Houthi influence and restore the Hadi administration, a coalition of Arab governments led by Saudi Arabia and supported by the US launched a military intervention in March 2015.
A prolonged and terrible war has caused widespread displacement, starvation, and disease epidemics.

Yemen’s situation is fluid and evolving, with political solutions sought.



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