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Following a collision with a Coast Guard aircraft, a Japan Airlines aircraft catches fire

All 379 passengers and crew successfully evacuated a Japan Airlines aircraft engulfed in flames at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport on Tuesday, reportedly after a suspected collision with a Coast Guard plane, NHK news reported citing JAL officials.

Live visuals broadcasted by Japan’s NHK television displayed flames emerging from the windows of the aircraft.

A representative from Japan Airlines confirmed that the plane, which departed from Shin-Chitose Airport in Hokkaido, had over 400 passengers on board. NHK report stated that emergency protocols were swiftly executed, ensuring the safe evacuation of all passengers and crew members.

According to a Japan Airlines spokesperson, the plane took off from Hokkaido’s Shin-Chitose airport and was carrying more than 300 passengers.

The news agency AFP report, which also cited NHK, said that all 367 passengers were evacuated from the burning plane.

According to reports, the runway was also set ablaze. The plane was said to be a Japan Airlines plane. According to a BBC report, the incident occurred as the plane was landing on the runway at Haneda Airport.

The plane, JAL 516, was also said to have taken off from Hokkaido.

NHK also showed fire crews battling the blaze. It wasn’t immediately clear what had happened or if anyone had been injured.

It is to be noted that Haneda is considered one of the busiest airports in Japan.



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