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Massive Landslide Hits Papua New Guinea’s Highlands: Fears of Significant Loss of Life

An catastrophic landslide occurred in the isolated Enga province of Papua New Guinea on Friday morning, resulting in the burial of more than 100 dwellings and instilling considerable concern about substantial casualties. The catastrophe transpired at 3 AM (local time) in the settlement of Kaokalam, situated in the elevated regions of the southwest Pacific island nation.

The provincial governor, Peter Ipatas, verified the consequences of the avalanche, stating that there has been a “destruction of life and property.” Although the precise number of casualties is uncertain, community leader Andrew Ruing said Reuters that over 300 lives may have been buried beneath the rubble and boulders. “Food, gardens, the people, and properties worth millions have been lost, completely covered by all of these things,” Ruing continued.

The images posted on social media show a large portion of rock and soil breaking away from a heavily forested slope, resulting in a lengthy and wide scar filled with rocks the size of cars, fallen trees, and dirt extending all the way down to the valley level. At the bottom of the landslide, one can observe the remnants of houses and makeshift shelters made of corrugated tin.

The survivors promptly initiated endeavors to remove the debris and locate individuals who were trapped, employing elongated axes, machetes, and head torches. The atmosphere was replete with lamentations and shouts as individuals scoured the wreckage in quest of their cherished ones.

Aid organizations, such as the Papua New Guinea Red Cross and CARE, have verified the occurrence of the landslide and are actively collecting additional data. The humanitarian organization Care Australia has raised concern about the potential for a significant number of deaths, noting that although the area is not heavily populated, there is a risk of a disproportionately large death toll. In addition, they observed that the process of clearing the roads will be time-consuming, impeding the evaluation and provision of assistance.

Papua New Guinea, located in close proximity to the equator, regularly encounters substantial precipitation. This year has experienced very heavy precipitation and flooding, which has increased the probability of these natural calamities.

While the rescue activities persist, the primary focus remains on removing the debris and delivering assistance to the impacted communities. The global world attentively monitors the situation, anticipating prompt assistance and recuperation for those affected by this calamitous incident.

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