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China Ends War Games, Taiwan Details Surge of Warplanes and Warships

China has recently completed a two-day period of rigorous military exercises near Taiwan, which including conducting simulated bombing assaults and practicing the boarding of ships.

The defense ministry of Taiwan provided a comprehensive account of the notable escalation in Chinese military operations during these exercises, which Beijing characterized as a form of “retribution” against Taiwan’s newly elected president, Lai Ching-te.

The military station of Chinese official television stated on Friday evening that the drills, named “Joint Sword – 2024A,” had ended.

The official People’s Liberation Army Daily has verified that the military exercises took place from Thursday to Friday, in accordance with previous declarations. China’s defense ministry did not provide any additional comments on Saturday, despite several attempts to contact them.

China initiated the exercises shortly after Lai Ching-te became Taiwan’s president, as China considers Taiwan to be its own territory.

Beijing criticized Lai’s speech, in which he highlighted that the two sides of the Taiwan Strait are “not subordinate to each other.” China took this phrase as a proclamation of Taiwan’s independence.

Despite Lai’s persistent attempts to initiate dialogue, Beijing has continually rejected these proposals, asserting that the determination of Taiwan’s future lies solely in the hands of its people.

The Taiwanese administration denounced the military exercises, affirming its resilience against Chinese coercion. On Friday, Taiwan’s defense ministry announced that 46 Chinese military aircraft breached the median line of the Taiwan Strait, which has traditionally served as an unofficial boundary between the two sides.

A total of 62 Chinese aircraft and 27 military ships were identified, which included modern Su-30 fighters and H-6 bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

The Taiwan air force has released footage featuring a Chinese J-16 fighter and an H-6 bomber. However, the specific location was not disclosed.

In the last four years, China has consistently engaged in military operations near Taiwan, which have included extensive military exercises in 2022 and 2023.

The People’s Liberation Army Daily, which functions as the official mouthpiece of the military, censured President Lai, alleging that he is working as a mere instrument for external forces seeking to impede China’s progress.

The commentary issued a stern warning, stating that if Taiwan independence separatist groups persist in pursuing their own path or engage in risky actions, the PLA will dutifully follow orders and take strong measures to firmly thwart any separatist schemes.

Taiwan maintains a resolute position against Chinese aggression, emphasizing its entitlement to self-determination and sovereignty as the situation unfolds.

The international community closely monitors the situation, acknowledging the possible consequences for regional stability and global geopolitical dynamics.

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