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Putin in Beijing to Bolster Sino-Russian Strategic Alliance with Xi Jinping

The recent visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Beijing signifies a crucial advancement in strengthening the strategic alliance between Russia and China, both of which are prominent geopolitical rivals of the United States. During this visit, which marks Putin’s first overseas engagement after his inauguration for another six-year term, it is evident that the partnership between the two nations will continue for a significant period of time, at least until 2030.

The collaboration, characterized as an unrestricted alliance, was initially announced in February 2022, shortly before Russia intensified its military operations in Ukraine. This partnership has not only persisted but also fortified, especially in light of the substantial sanctions and increasing global diplomatic isolation that both countries are experiencing from the Western nations.

During his visit, Putin, together with Chinese President Xi Jinping, will participate in talks aimed at strengthening collaboration in several industries, such as industry, advanced technology, space exploration, peaceful use of nuclear energy, artificial intelligence, and renewable energy sources. The discussions will also address urgent global matters, including the state of affairs in Ukraine, regional energy stability, and bilateral commercial exchange.

The leaders are preparing to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s acknowledgment of the People’s Republic of China, emphasizing a long-standing alliance that has undergone considerable changes throughout the years. Although there have been changes in the distribution of global power, with China becoming the dominant partner, the connection between Moscow and Beijing continues to be a fundamental aspect of their respective foreign policy.

Putin’s visit aligns with a time of heightened examination from the United States, which considers China and Russia as its primary geopolitical adversaries. This visit is expected to be closely examined for signs of increased military cooperation and business partnerships that might help offset Western power on a global scale.

As Putin prepares for several trips in Asia, including a visit to Harbin and possibly other capital cities, the global community closely monitors the situation. This journey not only confirms Russia’s strategic alignment with Asia but also illustrates the changing paradigms in global power dynamics, as Beijing and Moscow combine to counter perceived Western decline.

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