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Google Will Relaunch Gemini AI Image Tool After Narendra Modi Inaccuracies

Google Will Relaunch Gemini AI Image Tool After Narendra Modi Inaccuracies - The Hard News Daily

Demis Hassabis, Google’s Chief Executive, recently announced that the company’s artificial-intelligence picture generator would be rebooted in the upcoming weeks. This follows the temporary suspension of the tools after it was revealed that Google’s Gemini AI models were making errors in their historical representations.

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Hassabis mentioned, “We have taken the feature offline while we fix that. We expect to have that back live very soon, hopefully in the next few weeks.” He acknowledged the tool was malfunctioning, which led to its suspension.

Earlier this month, complaints, particularly regarding its “historical images,” emerged on social media as Gemini AI introduced a new “photo-making” feature. This resulted in a 3.5% drop in Alphabet shares during Monday afternoon trading, impacting the S&P 500.

Since the debut of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in November 2022, Google has been pursuing more advanced AI technology. The company aims to compete with Microsoft-supported projects through its proprietary software. However, Google’s stock prices have suffered due to previous issues, such as those found with the Bard AI robot.

The AI chatbot has been renamed Gemini, offering paid subscriptions that promise enhanced cognitive abilities. Bob O’Donnell, TECHnalysis Research’s chief expert, highlighted the importance of fixing AI development errors to maintain user trust.

Additionally, Google faced criticism over the Gemini AI platform’s responses about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The company responded quickly to the IT Ministry’s concerns over “problematic and illegal” answers, clarifying that Gemini primarily serves as a tool for creativity and productivity and is not designed to address current events or politics.

Google’s spokesperson stated, “We quickly work to address this issue. ‘Gemini is meant to help you be creative and get things done but might not always work as intended, especially in responding to prompts about current events, politics, or changing news”.


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