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Hair Care Tips For Brides On Their Big Day

The proper hairdo is essential for your bridal look on your most special day. Having lush, healthy hair makes all the difference. This complete advice from bridal hair care specialists will help you prepare your hair for the big day.

Essential Bride Hair Care Tips Before Her Big Day

Due to their extensive hair care routine, every woman starts planning her bridal look weeks in advance. Brides, Skinlogics cosmetologist Ritu Khariyan offers hair care recommendations you can trust before your wedding day.

“Nobody grows healthy hair overnight, so start the hair care program six months to a year before the wedding to achieve and keep luscious locks. Choose shampoo and conditioner based on your scalp for shiny, healthy hair. Use shampoo and conditioner designed for your hair.”

She also listed:

Trim your hair regularly to promote rapid growth. 8-12 weeks is enough for hair growth. The ends of our hair are most damaged and prone to breakage owing to dryness. For long hair, cut it regularly to avoid fraying or breaking. Good hair growth can be promoted by regular scalp massages.

Avoid washing hair with hot water to prevent grey and dry hair. To avoid removing hair of its natural oils, wash it with lukewarm water.

A moisturising shampoo and conditioner helps maintain hair healthy, but a weekly deep conditioning treatment mask can hydrate the scalp and hair follicles. Hair treatments like ‘hair slugging’ can improve hair health. ‘Slugging’ is nightly hair mask use. Scalp heat can ‘activate’ therapy formulas, aiding product penetration. Apply deep conditioner to mid-lengths and ends for hair slug.

Maintaining hydration benefits both your skin and hair. Drink three litres of water daily to strengthen and develop hair.

Hairspray and heat should be avoided weeks before the wedding. Hair can split, frizz, and weaken with heat treatment.

Fully wash and dry hair before styling on the big day.Wash hair morning or night before the wedding. Regular shampoo and conditioner follow. Avoid lotions and oils.


Other Hair Care Tips

HairOriginals founder and CEO Jitendra Sharma advised new brides on extra tips.

Regular trims and cuts add texture to natural hair and allow extensions to blend in.

Maintain a hair care routine using the proper products. Use this technique to keep your extensions looking natural and long-lasting.

Start regular hair spa treatments 2-3 months before the wedding. If you have extensions, ask your stylist about spa treatments that won’t impact bonding.

Hair coloring: Choose coloured streaks instead of last-minute coloring. Different hair streaks can match the event and attire for brides.

Healthy Diet: Protein- and vitamin-rich foods improve hair and extensions.

Finally, Zalon Co-Founder Ayush Ahuja said, “Your wedding theme and personal style should determine your haircut. Together with your hairdresser, discover a look that suits your journey, whether you like classic updos or flowing curls.New brides should use sulphate-free shampoos, buy a decent hair mask, and nourish hair with at-home hydration masks. Weekly hair oiling with pure coconut or olive oil nourishes the scalp and length, making hair lustrous. Remember, confidence is the best accessory. A personalized and full hair care plan will make you shine on your big day and every day after.”





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