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In Jharkhand, BJP delegation meets family of burned girl, provides financial aid

India, Dumka (Jharkhand), September 1: On Wednesday, BJP leaders Nishikant Dubey, Manoj Tiwari, and Kapil Mishra met with the family of the Class 12 girl who died days after a guy set her on fire in Dumka, Jharkhand.

On Wednesday, Godda MP Dubey claimed the party will give the family money. The delegation gave the family Rs 28 lakh.
The incident was reported by Dumka’s daughter Ankita’s father, grandparents, sister, brother, and family. Saving the Soren family criminals would fail “Hindi tweet by Dubey.
Kapil Mishra, BJP politician, called the girl’s killing a “preplanned murder” and urged a “love jihad angle.”
“Mastermind who? Who taught him? Doing this without training is impossible. Premeditated murder. Love jihad should be investigated. Covering up the incident is appeasement, Mishra remarked.
He also criticized Chief Minister Hemant Soren for not sending representatives to see the girl’s family, saying the administration was “trying to cover up the incident”.
“The elected government is covering up the incident. The local MLA is absent. Louis Marandi has supported the family since the beginning. Both Nishikant Dubey and Manoj Tiwari are from Delhi. Why is the chief minister not visiting family? Why has the DSP not been fired? Mishra said these are significant questions.
BJP delegation member Manoj Tiwari requested “strictest” punishment for the perpetrators.

Family members of the deceased girl were contacted. The family received Rs 28 lakh from us. No Jharkhand government representative came here, which astonished me. How could they help someone who cannot stand? The guilty should be punished harshly. “Dumka is a small town, but the incident seems to have long roots,” he remarked.
After the Jharkhand Child Welfare Committee recommended adding sections to the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, the police incorporated them.
After finding that the girl was a minor on her Class 10 board exam mark sheet, not an adult as alleged by the police, the committee issued the recommendation.
The Jharkhand Child Welfare Committee advises the SP to introduce POCSO Act clauses. The Committee found that the dead was 15 and 19, as stated by Police in her statement “Dumka PR Office indicated earlier.
A Dumka Bench of Magistrate, Child Welfare Committee, took suo motu cognizance of the girl’s alleged murder, according to the PRO.
Dumka CWC chairperson Amarendra Kumar told ANI that the deceased girl’s certificates proved she was 15 years old, hence the Superintendant of Police was asked to add POCSO Act sections to the case.
“We noticed spontaneously. We checked her certificates at home and learned she was 15 years, 9 months old. Following this, we asked the SP to add POCSO Act sections and take stern action. Kumar stated the Police Station In-charge called us yesterday to offer such advice.
We learned via media that the girl claimed to be 19. Though the Magistrate recorded the statement, we don’t know what happened. Thus, only the Magistrate can recall what the girl stated “Kumar added.
The girl’s father added, “My daughter is 16, but the police may have misheard her age while she was providing testimony owing to her burn injuries. Police took her Aadhaar card and class 10th certificate to fix it.”



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