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Man was assaulted by an Ola driver in front of his son and is seeking action.


Man was assaulted by an Ola driver in front of his son and is seeking action. - The Hard News Daily
Mr Verma shared this picture of the driver alongside the post.


A social media user recently recounted a distressing experience during his journey in an Ola cab. The event in Delhi highlighted the driver’s violence, intimidation, and lack of responsibility by the ride-hailing firm. Many individuals are incensed by the situation and have demanded action.

Kiran Verma, the Founder of Simply Blood, shared a post on LinkedIn regarding the troubling experience. The OLA CAB driver physically assaulted me in front of my son, and I urge you to support the campaign #SayNotoOla. During my medical break in Delhi last month from my 21,000km Walk for blood donation awareness, I was on my way to pick someone up from the airport. The man stated that his son accompanied him as they reserved an OlaCab.

Mr. Verma stated that the driver requested payment in cash. Nevertheless, he declined. He stated that the driver requested him to terminate the ride and provide payment in cash. I refused, and reluctantly he began the journey. He went in the opposite direction of our house, and when I asked why, he responded, “There is a traffic jam.” We had not even traveled a kilometer when he stopped the car and demanded further payment, threatening to charge whatever amount he saw fit for the ride. When the man began ranting for no apparent reason, my 6-year-old son became frightened and requested that we exit the car. Seeing my son in a state of fear, I decided to comfort him.

He contacted the security helpline provided by Ola and subsequently contacted the police. The father and kid were outside the car when the driver declined to give over Mr. Verma’s luggage. After being confronted and photographed, the driver exited the vehicle and physically assaulted the individual. “I immediately contacted the security helpline through the #OlaApp and then called the Police Helpline.”My son and I were outside when a man stole my backpack. Meanwhile, I declined to pay him and took a picture of him with my bag. He emerged and struck me. The user stated that another cab driver, who was a gentleman, arrived and stopped.

Later, I walked with my son to a bench on the pavement while continuing on a call with the helpline representative from ANI Technologies PVT LTD. Mr. Verma followed the advice given over the phone not to pay or communicate with the driver, which angered the driver, leading him to smack Mr. Verma again while the phone was on loudspeaker.

“However, another driver intercepted him.” The driver had two accomplices with him, possibly with intentions to commit robbery, however there were already 3-4 others present at that time. All three individuals were running, while the other two were on bicycles. I contacted #UPPolice and they arrived promptly. However, it was futile. The driver who rescued me transported me to the airport and informed me that no repercussions will be faced by the driver. “Uber suspends and blacklists such drivers,” he stated.

Mr. Verma stated that the company had not contacted him and closed the complaint ticket within an hour of the incident. He stated that his son was troubled by the whole affair. He commented on the platform that he was anticipating a call from Ola, but to yet, he has not received any communication from them. The complaint was closed by Ola firm within an hour and no action has been taken since then. My son was quite startled that evening and sobbed loudly as soon as we arrived home.

The individual provided the cab details, complaint ticket number, and advised internet users to discontinue using the ride-hailing service and explore other options. He finished the post by stating, “No driver of such caliber should be permitted on the road.” Individuals should cease use Ola and choose for #Uber instead, even if it may be more expensive financially, it is more economical in terms of safety and respect. Bhavish Aggarwal should be directly accountable for fostering such a culture in this case. I am making a sincere attempt to protect at least a few individuals who rely on Ola as a secure transportation service. Once more, refrain from using Ola by using the hashtag #StopUsingOla.

The tweet has garnered numerous replies from social media users who have shown sympathy for the user and urged Ola to intervene. The troubling incident has revived worries about the accountability of ride-hailing firms and the safety of passengers, prompting calls for significant reforms and more awareness.

This is very appalling! “I apologize that you had to experience that,” a user stated.

Another user recalled a past incident where Ola customer service representatives were focused on preventing them from filing a police complaint against a driver.

One individual suggested switching from Ola to Uber or Rapido. I never utilize Ola for such purposes. Bhavish Aggarwal has redirected his attention from Ola to developing another firm. Currently, it appears that client experience is not a priority for Ola. #CeaseUtilizingOla

Kindly submit a criminal complaint and negligence of service report against all those accountable. Initiate with a consumer complaint,” a person declared.

“I strongly agree, I have had my most negative experiences with Ola Cabs.” Drivers abruptly terminate taxi rides and request payment in cash. The cab stopped in the midst of a tranquil road to enjoy “Pan masala”. The autos are predominantly filthy. The taxi drivers play low-quality music at a loud volume.

Furthermore, Ola drivers do not turn on the air conditioning for various reasons, and the customer assistance is unresponsive. A person commented that it was the worst business to travel with.

register a case with the consumer forum, register a police report against the driver and the firm, and seek damages/compensation from the corporation.

Ola has refrained from commenting on the event.

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