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Trump emerges victorious in the Michigan, Missouri, and Idaho Caucuses.

Trump emerges victorious in the Michigan, Missouri, and Idaho Caucuses. - The Hard News Daily

Donald Trump won the Republican caucuses in Michigan, Missouri, and Idaho on Saturday, moving closer to becoming the Republican candidate for the upcoming presidential elections in November.

Trump decisively defeated former Ambassador UN Nikki Haley in all three states, solidifying his position as the likely Republican presidential nominee for a potential general election rematch with President Joe Biden.

As per the state Republican Party, Trump won against Haley in all 13 districts that participated in the nominating caucuses. He secured victory with approximately 98% support, garnering 1575 votes, while Haley only earned 36.

Pete Hoekstra, the chair of the Michigan Republican Party, described it as a “overwhelming, dominating victory.”

Reuters reported that more than 1,600 party insiders participated in the presidential caucus in Grand Rapids, a city in western Michigan. They had to choose between Trump and former UN Ambassador Haley to be the party’s representative at the national nominating convention in July.

Trump has won in Iowa, New Hampshire, US Virgin Islands, Nevada, South Carolina, Idaho, Missouri, and Michigan, putting him significantly ahead in the race, while Haley lags behind.

Haley is running out of time to alter the course of the Republican primary contest. Super Tuesday, the largest day in the primaries, will take place on March 5th, with 15 states and one territory participating in the voting process.

Michigan Republicans implemented a hybrid nominating procedure for this election cycle, which combined elements of both a caucus and a primary, as reported by Reuters.

Trump decisively won the primary on Tuesday by obtaining 12 out of the 16 delegates. Afterward, he secured Michigan’s final 39 delegates on Saturday.

During one of the 13 caucus meetings, members were so certain in Trump’s victory that they expedited the process by requesting Haley’s supporters to get up instead. Only Carter Houtman, a 25-year-old, supported her in a room with 185 voting delegates, as reported by Reuters.

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