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Report : YouTube, Spotify Won’t Launch on Apple Vision Pro

Report : YouTube, Spotify Won't Launch on Apple Vision Pro - The Hard News Daily
Upon the February 2nd launch of the Apple Vision Pro, a report states that neither YouTube nor Spotify will provide standalone apps. It has been stated that the company’s upcoming hardware category, which hasn’t been released in the US in almost a decade, will not support the three most popular streaming platforms: Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify. Customers with active subscriptions may, with certain restrictions, be able to see material through the in-built Safari browser.

Currently, there are no plans to introduce a specific app for the Apple Vision Pro, according to a statement from the Alphabet-owned streaming platform, which was shared with Bloomberg on Thursday. According to Apple, YouTube users will not have the option to access the iPad version of their apps on the mixed reality headset, while developers do have that capability.

The news outlet also cites an anonymous source as saying that Spotify, another prominent music streaming platform, has no plans to provide an app specifically for the Vision Pro or even enable users to access the service on their iPad while wearing the headset. Owners of Vision Pros may notice a difference without Spotify, a service with more than 600 million users and a 30% market share.

Note that in the future, both services may provide support for the Apple Vision Pro. This would be in the form of specialized apps that operate on visionOS, Apple’s operating system developed specifically to run programs that are optimized for the mixed reality headset. Businesses might also just port their often updated apps from the iPad to the Vision Pro.

Users on both platforms would have to use the in-built Safari browser to view YouTube and Spotify until that happens. The Apple Vision Pro headset costs $3,499 (about Rs. 2,91,000). Users will also be unable to access immersive ‘Environments’ surrounding their watched content due to the platforms’ absence of separate apps.

A number of streaming applications and services, such as Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, ESPN, and Amazon Prime Video, will be available to users when the headgear debuts in the United States on February 2. The complete roster of compatible streaming providers is available at this link. In addition, Apple said that the mixed reality headset will allow users to watch 2D and 3D versions of purchased or rented movies.



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