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Speculation Surrounds TMC Spokesperson Kunal Ghosh After Bio Update on X: Is He Exiting the Party?


Kunal Ghosh, a prominent politician and national spokesperson of the Trinamool Congress (TMC), withdrew the party’s name from his official social media handle on Friday. Kunal Ghosh included the titles “Journalist” and “Social Activist” in his biography on X. There are widespread speculations that Ghosh may resign from TMC before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. No official statement has been issued by the TMC leader.

Earlier on Thursday, Ghosh’s final tweet criticized leaders as incompetent, group-centric, and egotistical. Will persist in deceiving throughout the year, but encounters strong opposition from Didi, Abhishek, @AITCofficial. Success hinges on the dedication of party members, rather than individual benefits, which may not be replicated.

(There will be more details later. This is breaking news.)

(This news report is from a syndicated feed. THND team members did not write or edit the content except for the headline.)




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