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Virginia woman dies after falling 100 feet in cave

Authorities have reported that a woman from Fairlawn, Virginia, tragically her away on Friday as a result of a 100-foot fall within a cave located approximately 30 miles away from her hometown.

Giles County Emergency Services reported receiving a 911 call shortly before 4:15 p.m. on Friday regarding a woman who had fallen approximately 100 feet within a cave in the Staffordsville neighborhood near Pearisburg.

Upon receiving the call, the Giles County Sheriff’s Office, Pearisburg Fire Department, and Giles Rescue Squad promptly responded. Upon their arrival, they requested the assistance of the Celco Emergency Response Team and Blacksburg Rescue Squad’s Technical Rescue Cave Team to aid in the rescue operation.


Virginia woman dies after falling 100 feet in cave - The Hard News Daily

An individual from Virginia tragically plummeted 100 feet into a cave located in Staffordsville, Virginia on Friday, resulting in their demise. =

Upon entering the cave, the rescue team successfully located the victim, who has been named as Autumn Nicole Draper, a 38-year-old individual, as reported by local CBS station WDBJ.

Draper was successfully rescued from the cave by the crews, and the area was evacuated by approximately 1 a.m. on Saturday.

Virginia woman dies after falling 100 feet in cave - The Hard News Daily

FILE- The woman was identified as 38-year-old Autumn Nicole Draper. (The Associated Press)

The press release from Giles County Emergency Services stated that the inquiry into Draper’s death is still ongoing.

According to the Virginia Speleological Survey website, Giles County spans around 357 square miles and is home to 253 documented caverns.

Out of the total of 253 caves, a distance of 62 miles has been accurately measured and mapped. According to the survey, the longest cave is 118,272 feet, while the deepest cave reaches a depth of 718 feet.



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