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Vladimir Putin Extols Tesla CEO, Cautioned Just A Little Bit

Vladimir Putin Extols Tesla CEO, Cautioned Just A Little Bit - The Hard News Daily

In an interview that took place on Thursday, Vladimir Putin discussed a number of critical issues, including the current conflict in Ukraine and even the imprisonment of Wall Street Journal journalist Evan Gershkovich. The conversation was conducted with Tucker Carlson, who had previously worked as an anchor for Fox News. During the course of the conversation, the Russian president even mentioned the entrepreneurial endeavors of billionaire Elon Musk, namely his brain chip venture known as Neuralink. During the course of the conversation, artificial intelligence (AI) was also brought up, which is not surprising given that it is trending at the moment.

‘I Think He Is A Smart Person’ Putin on Musk

In response to Carlson’s inquiry regarding the successful human brain chip implant that was just carried out by Neuralink, Putin stated, “Well, I think there is no stopping Elon Musk.”

On Thursday, Musk published the interview on X, which was once known as Twitter.

While Putin continued to pour respect on Musk’s dogged determination, he stated, “He will do as he sees fit.” Nevertheless, he did provide a word of caution, saying, “Despite this, you need to find some common ground with him, and search for ways to convince him.”

“I have such a strong conviction that he is a very intelligent individual. Therefore, it is necessary for you to come to an agreement with him because this procedure needs to be formalized and brought under the control of specific regulations.

A Cautionary Affair Between Putin and Artificial Intelligence

When Putin was asked about the development of artificial intelligence, he responded by saying that perhaps an expert in large numbers would be more appropriate to speak on the subject. He went on to say that it is not conceivable to employ artificial intelligence in the same way that it was possible to use gunpowder in the past.

Over the years, the leader of Russia had a peculiar liaison with artificial intelligence. When we go back in time to 2018, Putin was one of the first world leaders to make the assertion that the nation that is going to be at the forefront of artificial intelligence research will eventually become the “ruler of the world.” The Economist said that in response to a deepfake video of Putin that was making the rounds on social media, Putin advised that Russia should take the lead in the race to become the master of artificial intelligence.

The Kremlin, however, was one of the first major government agencies to prohibit OpenAI’s ChatGPT shortly after its inception, which was widely publicized. This occurred in the year 2022. According to Putin, “Western AIs” that were trained on English data ran the risk of canceling out Russia’s perspective on the world if they were not challenged. This is similar to what ChatGPT did.

It would appear that the Russian leader has not altered his cautious position on artificial intelligence over the course of the years.

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