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New Feature Alert: X Premium Plus Users and Verified Organizations Can Now Create Formatted Articles!


Recently, X (formerly known as Twitter) unveiled Articles, a new format for long-form posts. Only verified organizations and Premium Plus subscribers will have access to this new service. These users will be able to create text-formatted posts, interact with other X posts, and even add images and videos, creating an experience that is a lot like reading an article on Medium or WordPress.

Through the @Write account of the corporation, X announced the release of this new functionality. The account published an article announcing this functionality.

Upgrade To Long Form Posts/Articles

The character limit for lengthy messages on Elon Musk’s social network was increased to 25,000 characters for subscribers last year. Interestingly, Engadget has pointed out that the character restriction for articles appears to be significantly higher, set at 100,000.

Additional features are shown in a recent article by Chris Bakke, which suggests that users can include hyperlinked text and bulleted lists in their postings. It’s important to remember that X purchased Bakke’s job listing business, Laskie, last year.

Notes was first used as a long-form publishing platform in 2022, which was before Musk bought the business. But Musk’s tenure also saw the closure of the Revenue newsletter platform, the temporary suspension of the Notes project, and the removal of advertisements from articles.

New Feature Alert: X Premium Plus Users and Verified Organizations Can Now Create Formatted Articles! - The Hard News Daily

Musk stated in July 2023 that the business is actively working on a system that will allow authors to distribute lengthy pieces enhanced by a variety of media, even in light of these modifications. This continuous development is in line with Musk’s goal of expanding the platform’s functionalities and providing users with a variety of content types.

Following up on a user’s post regarding the ‘pieces’ feature, Musk said, “This will allow users to post very long, complex articles with mixed media.” If you so desire, you could publish a book.

Prominent content producers like MrBeast and former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson have been urged by Musk to submit content directly to X on a regular basis. The social media firm wants to attract writers who are interested in publishing their work directly on the platform, and this latest development highlights their objective.



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