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Fascinating | Bet you don’t know Shraddha Kapoor once proposed to Varun Dhawan but got rejected !!


In Bollywood cinema, Shraddha Kapoor and Varun Dhawan are among the most adored on-screen duos. The actors have been friends for a very long time in addition to being co-stars. Actually, Shraddha had once asked Varun to marry her!

You read correctly! In a previous interview, Shraddha recounted a funny story about her early crush on Varun. She revealed that she chose to say “I love you” backward when she was eight years old in order to express her feelings. Speaking in reverse, Shraddha said she told Varun to pay close attention as she uttered the words “You – love – I.” But Varun didn’t appear to get the message; he just answered with a stern “No” and took off running. It turned into a pleasant joke between them ever since.

Since Varun and Shraddha attended the same elementary school, they have a wealth of treasured childhood experiences in common. In an ABCD 2 promotional interview, Varun acknowledged having a crush on Shraddha when he was younger. Siddharth Kannan was also present. He did admit, though, that in spite of their shared affection, he had never spoken it to her.

Throwback: Bet you don't know Shraddha Kapoor once proposed to Varun Dhawan but got rejected !! - The Hard News Daily

Shraddha opened up when Siddharth Kannan asked if she would have agreed to go on a date with Varun back then. She said, “Actually, I only liked Varun,” which meant that at the time, all of her feelings were for him. Varun immediately jumped in to ask if that was the end of their love tale. He clarified that they had developed into true friends ever since. Varun says that over time, their relationship has evolved into a solid friendship.

On January 24, 2021, Varun tied the knot with Natasha Dalal, his childhood sweetheart. On social media, they frequently post snippets of their lives together. On January 24, 2024, their third wedding anniversary, Varun shared an unreleased picture to his Instagram account. The picture showed Natasha and him at the moment of his proposal. In the photo, Natasha is seen flashing her engagement ring with pride, and Varun is seen pointing at his ex-girlfriend.

Shraddha and her suspected boyfriend Rahul Modi were spotted out for supper on July 3, 2023. Despite not being pictured together in the same place, internet users conjectured about their romance after noticing them together.
The Hindustan Times reported that during the course of filming ‘Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar,’ the purported pair became closer, and their relationship has continued to grow even stronger.

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