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‘Don’t Be Afraid’: Exiled Director Mohammad Rasoulof Sends a Message to Iranian Cinema from Cannes

Mohammad Rasoulof, a prominent Iranian director residing in exile, delivered a compelling message to his colleagues in the Iranian film industry at the Cannes Film Festival.

The filmmakers in Iran who are experiencing tyranny find great resonance in his message of “Don’t be afraid.” Rasoulof’s most recent picture, which debuted at Cannes, serves as evidence of his bravery and unwavering quest for artistic autonomy.

Despite enduring stringent limitations, such as incarceration and a prohibition on creating films within Iran, Rasoulof persists in generating intellectually stimulating movies.

The artist’s creations frequently scrutinize the Iranian government and emphasize matters of censorship and violations of human rights. This latest covertly-produced film delves into themes of defiance and fortitude, mirroring Rasoulof’s personal challenges.

During the Cannes event, Rasoulof conveyed a resolute message: the presence of fear should not discourage filmmakers from producing impactful and significant artistic works. He urged his colleagues to persevere in their artistic pursuits, utilizing cinema as a means to effect social transformation.

His statements function as a call to action for artists in repressive circumstances, highlighting the significance of narrative in questioning and resisting the existing order.

Rasoulof’s attendance at Cannes and his steadfast dedication to his craft highlight the crucial role of cinema in promoting freedom and justice.

The trajectory of his career, starting from clandestine filming in Iran and culminating in receiving international recognition at the Cannes Film Festival, illustrates the persistent influence of art in motivating and inciting transformation.

Rasoulof’s film is gaining attention and admiration, and his message from Cannes is expected to have a strong impact on the Iranian filmmaking community and beyond.

He encourages artists to be courageous in their quest for truth and self-expression.

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