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Rohit Shetty remembers the occasion when Akshay Kumar pulled off a risky solo stunt and divulges the Khiladi actor’s workout secret.

Recently, Rohit Shetty recalled an instance in which Akshay Kumar pulled off a risky stunt without the use of a body double. The filmmaker revealed the fitness secret of the ‘Khiladi’ actor as well.
In an interview with comedians Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiya for their podcast, Shetty disclosed that the younger generation frequently fails to recognize the nutritional value of whole foods.He underlined that basic and consistent eating habits are how Akshay Kumar, who is well-known for keeping his figure, does it. According to Shetty, Kumar trains regularly without using weights, choosing instead to climb an 80-story building and complete 50 pull-ups. Kumar also follows a strict schedule that includes eating at an early hour.

Shetty showcased Kumar’s physical strength by bringing up a scene from their 2021 movie “Sooryavanshi” in which Kumar was seen hanging from a helicopter without using a harness. Kumar was able to persuade the pilot to perform a complete rotation of the helicopter, even though Shetty had instructed the pilot to just maneuver the chopper up and down and not in circles.

Explaining the incident in detail, Shetty said that he had told the pilot not to rotate the helicopter since it was a safety shot and that Akshay Kumar was hanging from it unrestrained during the 2021 filming of a scene in Bangkok for their movie “Sooryavanshi.” Still, Kumar convinced the pilot to deviate from the original plan, so the chopper circled while he held on to it with his hand and his entire body weight. The pilot just pointed toward Kumar, indicating that it was at Kumar’s urging, as Shetty displayed irritation towards him.

The filmmaker praised Akshay Kumar for his grounded demeanor and decided to retain the shot in the movie’s final cut. “There is no powder, there is no showsha,” said Shetty.



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