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Why you should pursue LLB Degree (Bachelor of LAW) right now?


What forced me to pursue LLB?

The first reason I think you should do LLB or Bachelor of Law is because there is no age restriction in studying the LAW and getting the degree.

Second reason I would like to suggest is that every citizen should have some knowledge of law so that they can defend themselves when a legal problem arises.

Many people may think that just because they haven’t done anything wrong or illegal in their lives so nothing bad can ever happen to them.


There are times when you don’t know that you are breaking the law in your simple daily activities and later it is too late to mend the problem.

The Indian Legal system and Indian Police system is faulty and favors the powerful and rich. That is the truth which I come to know when I got entangled in a legal tussle without knowing that I was doing something wrong.

Few years back, a friend asked me for a favor. He said that his company has money in cash and they want to distribute it through cheque and through online transaction to the workers accounts so they just have to convert the cash into online money. The amount was low and the man who asked for a favor was on old friend of mine so I gladly did it.

I was busy in some project those days and the friend was a really trustworthy, so my mind somehow couldn’t think the implication of the matter and the obvious fact that this is what turning black money into white money is.

Second, why couldn’t he do it on some worker’s account or directly put money into their own account and distribute money.

I couldn’t understand why he chose me but somehow I think it was written in my destiny.

For solace, I haven’ talked to that old friend of mine since and he has called my numerous times, sometimes through his wife and kids too.

Coming back to the case, there was no commission involved and I transferred all the amount to the respective accounts.

Why you should pursue LLB Degree (Bachelor of LAW) right now? - The Hard News Daily
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Nothing happened for one year but then I got the police summon to appear in the police station.

I had no idea what I had done.

Later I come to know that these people represented me as a vendor and transferred money to my account and took the money themselves. It was a GST problem. they took the GST money of the vendors from the company and didn’t give it to the vendors.

When the company filed GST later, the whole scam came out in the open.

At that time, I was doing law and I knew that it was a case of money laundering and counterfeit.

It was not an easy case.

Somehow the police didn’t implicate me because I had few connections and I got them called from senior officers that I had nothing to do with the matter. They just took my statement where I told them truthfully how I was duped by my friends.

At that time I was talking to him because I needed the information from him. He specially asked me not to take his name.

Imagine the arrogance.

There was also a mistake on his part which went in my favor. The day I got the summon, I didn’t know what had happened and in haste he send me the screenshot of the messages he had send me or other accounts where he insisted that I should transfer the money.

He later deleted them but till that time I had already saved the screenshots.

He knew he did a huge mistake because those screenshots were the evidence I had presented tot he police.

Worst habit of mine is that I keep deleting the whatsapp messages. I have to change this habit now.

When I reached police station two days later, the police men in the police station were ready to take bribes from me and intimidate me.

Why you should pursue LLB Degree (Bachelor of LAW) right now? - The Hard News Daily
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They kept me in the station for the whole day just for five minutes of work of taking my statement. It was the worst day of my life.

It was not an easy time and being from a middle class family, that one week prior to it was traumatizing for me as well as for my family.

I was in the final semester of my LLB exam. Earlier I wasn’t taking it very seriously but then I studied really hard because I know that something like can happen again with me without knowing.

I have learned that no one can predict what other person has in his mind. That is for safe side doing LLB is the best option.

Most people have no fear of any kind living in India but the fear of law is the highest one for middle class. The fear is there because sometimes you get incarcerated despite being innocent.

Once you get entangled in a court battle and police system, there is only headache and frustration because nothing here works according to the rule.

Even after you do LLB, road won’t be easy, because Indian courts do not work as it is written in the books. The ideal and practical ways of Indian legal working are completely different.

One of my cousin’s wife lodged a case on him of dowry, rape and sexual harassment after two years of marriage.

They are well to do nice people who didn’t take a single rupee as dowry. They kept the girl at home like their own daughter but one night she had a fight with her husband and in rage she filed a complaint ignited by her relative’s advices.

After the wife it was the police which started harassing them. When a female lodges a complain on sexual matters, fake or actual, it doesn’t matter, there is non bailable warrant issued against you and there is no escape from it then.

My cousin lawyer advices him to go away for a while and he absconded for some time while his parents were harassed by police. During this time, he completed his law and then reappeared in front of the police. The police didn’t have the courage to arrest him now because the lawyers union is too powerful.

Today he has changed his field from a medical representative to a lawyer and he is a living a happy life. His wife couldn’t do a thing.

Her demands initially were huge and would amount in crores. The case is ongoing and the dates keep changing from one time to another.

On one hand while she is spending huge amounts of money in legal fees, my cousin, now being a LLB graduate is fighting his case on his own for free. He is happy now.

I know hundreds of cases where people have been caught in the clutches of law without them doing anything.

That is one part of advantage of doing the LLB, that if you have some idea of it then you can save yourself and you don’t have to fear the police.

Lawyers too take advantage of you if you don’t have any knowledge of law. They befriend the policemen who issues summons and then advice you to bribe them, apart of which they later receive.

Lawyers play huge games for the innocent people.

One of my other cousins is a lawyer and sadly he fooled his closest relative of lakhs of rupees. They families which were relatives for three generations are on no talking terms now.

That is why it is a popular quote that no lawyers can be trusted.

Another advantage of doing LLB is that after retirement you can practice in court anytime.

Practicing in court is an open field and anyone can become a lawyer and earn some extra money.

While doing law I met several people who were doing law in their 40s, 50 and 60s and when I asked them why they were doing the law at this age their reply was simple –

What would we do after retirement?

If nothing, we would sit in court and start working. Atleast some kind of income will be there.

Law also makes sure that you know your rights. It doesn’t matter whether you are in India or in some other country.

What matters is that you know what rights you have and how you can avail them.

Why you should pursue LLB Degree (Bachelor of LAW) right now? - The Hard News Daily
For Representation purposes only

Here are few Links you can go to understand how you can pursue LLB in India.


Top Law Colleges of India for pursuing LLB

  1. National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore – Often regarded as the premier law school in India, NLSIU was the first to offer a pioneering 5-year intensive BA LLB program.
  2. National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR) University of Law, Hyderabad – Known for its rigorous academic program and its strong focus on research, NALSAR is one of the leading law universities in the country.
  3. The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (WBNUJS), Kolkata – WBNUJS has established itself as a notable institution for law education in India, attracting students from across the country.
  4. National Law University (NLU), Delhi – Unlike other NLUs, it does not use CLAT for admissions but has its own entrance exam, AILET (All India Law Entrance Test).
  5. National Law University, Jodhpur (NLUJ) – Known for its innovative courses and specialization in areas like corporate law and IP law.
  6. Gujarat National Law University (GNLU), Gandhinagar – Offers a good mix of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and is known for its research and moot court activities.
  7. Symbiosis Law School, Pune – Part of Symbiosis International University, it offers excellent undergraduate and postgraduate programs and is renowned for its moot court competitions and vibrant campus life.
  8. Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, Delhi – One of the oldest law schools in India, it offers LLB and LLM courses and has a highly competitive entrance examination.


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